Dr. Jody was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in 1984, in Longview, Texas. Dr. Jody was not raised in church and had not read a bible until she was in her thirty's, I guess you would say, she came up the rough side of the mountain.  She is a single blessed mother of five grown children, and grandmother. She was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Jody resides in Walker, Louisiana; where the ministry is home based. She is accountable to Pastor Kenneth Charles, Kilgore, Texas, and other Men and Women in Leadership.  She is an ordained and license minister of the Gospel. Dr.Jody is walking out her calling by laying the foundation of churches and ministries of all facets.
     Dr. Jody Amato PH.D., receive her Doctorate in 2007, from the Institute of Biblical Studies. She is the founder and Sr. Pastor of Highway to Glory Worship Center founded in 2003, located in Walker, Louisiana. She is the founder of Highway to Glory Ministries in 2004. Founder and President of Women of Valor ministries since 2001. This ministry flows under a corporate anointing, as the five fold comes together to reach out to dying ministries, the the enemy sought to destroy, as well as the lost. Dr. Jody has a 24 hour prayer line. Dr. Jody is the Founder of Elijah's Creek since 1998, a place where women in ministry go to be refresh from the battle, a place of rest and preparation for the next level of overflow anointing, located in Walker, LA
     Dr. Jody is a seasoned and ordained minister who carries God's Glory and Fire. She has a strong prophetic and deliverance ministry. Dr. Jody is now airing on TV weekly as well as internet and has appeared on various Christian television and radio programs, also internet radio, that airs is 154 countries in 27 languages. She has been  honored with "The Esther Award"  for the impact she has represented Women in the body of Christ as a forerunner and Women of passion ; for her exemplary perseverance and tenacity of Esther. Dr. Jody is also an Author. The title of her book is "If The Shoe Fits" Honey you have purpose. She is preparing for her second book.
    Dr. Jody is the covering for several ministries. She travels National / International, speaking at churches,  women's retreats, conferences and revivals.  The Lord has also opened doors to Uganda, El Salvador, Mexico, Kenya, and South Africa, for her and her team. Dr. Jody said: God is seeking after a remnant to go to the "bad lands" where most women and men are not wiling to go. We have gone and will continue to go seeking after what man calls alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes,----but God calls them Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, and Evangelists, for the end time, which the enemy has sought to destroy. Dr. Jody said: we are the prophetic voice to the nations in this end time movement of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Jody is honored as she has been told that her testimony is known on the streets.
     Dr. Jody was honored to be asked to take part in PRC Compassion, for a season.  An organization of over 500 churches, under the covering of Glenn Miles (Focus on the Family) and other men and women of God. PRC helped the survivors of Hurricane Rita and Katrina along the Gulf Coast. Dr. Jody also donates her time speaking at conferences to help encourage men and women of God who have lost churches, ministries, as well as homes and families due to disasters.
     Dr. Jody was honored to speak at a conference in New Orleans Louisiana, along with  speakers: The Queen Mother Semane B. Molotlegi of Bafokeng Kingdom Nation, Based in the North west Province of South Africa; Rev. Lydia Meshoe, Parliament of South Africa;  along with other speakers, hosted by Dr. Judy Laird. 
     Dr. Jody also took a team into these areas using puppets, song ,dance, and drama to bring a little laughter to hurting children who do not understand why disasters happen. Click to edit text. What do visitors to your website need to know about you and your business?